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Minyak Sereh Wangi (Citronella Oil) has been well known used for centuries to reduce rashes, inflammations, infections, pains and other health conditions. Citronella oil has high concentration of antioxidants and phytochemicals derived from the stems and leaves of fragrant lemongrass (Cymbopogon Nardus L). This oil is widely used as a natural perfume, insect repellents, and part of beauty and household products.

According to various studies that have been conducted so far, here are the benefits of using citronella oil (minyak sereh wangi):

• Repelling insects naturally   

• Minimizing inflammations

• Stimulating and increasing relaxation

• Relieving and healing respiratory infections

• Smoothing digestion (preserving intestinal health)

• Relieving muscles pain

• Helping to control pets behavior



However, this Aceh originally citronella oil opens a benefit which is not widely known. We find that the main components of oil which consist of citronellal, citronellol and geraniol are able to inhibit bacterial activities. Seruni, Aceh original of fragrant lemongrass oil also provides benefits as an anti-bacterial agent. Seruni, Aceh original of fragrant lemongrass oil containing Citronellal (C10H160), Geraniol (C10H180) and Citronellol or Dihydrogeraniol (C10H200) compounds, also provides protection against oxidation and decay by microorganisms. Now, as we all know above information of Citronella Oils, by using this Minyak Sereh Wangi Asli Aceh, your body resistance against bacterial attacks will be preserved and stronger. Extract of Seruni, citronella oil, can be drunk directly to treat throat inflammations, colitis or intestinal ulcers, diarrhea, mouthwash, other stomachache, cough, colds, headache. It can also be used as a liniment treat for eczema and rheumatism.

Seruni, Aceh original of fragrant lemongrass oil, is an agricultural product which is refined, marketed and sold for the welfare of farmers themselves. There is no "second hand dealer" as a container to market this Aceh original fragrant lemongrass oil. We are the farmers, growers, harvesters, refiners and marketers of our own products. This Aceh original of fragrant lemongrass oil has marketing packages with a calculated base price. We offer contract deals with the buyers for certain number of minimum requests. We offer the most affordable and various packages of Minyak Sereh Wangi for any necessity daily needs. Quantity and size are important for us to spoil the customers using the products. For an advantageous cooperation, we offer complimentary free package of Minyak Sereh Wangi. Please, have a look our affordable prices on the list of website we attach.

Who are we? Local farmers only? Our Products are meeting your needs to citronella oil. Produced purely from the nature. We are the local farmers who organize ourselves the plants, the refinery, the selling and marketing of Minyak Sereh Wangi. ​We sell our own products.


As a beginner, Seruni trading operations have limitation. The cost of promotions, the cost of delivering and the cost of packaging take the most part of outcome.Meanwhile, Seruni operations cost the budget more than the income we chase. By the situation, Seruni has an offer to the buyers trading with to join as investor partner. The profit of joining can come from two options chosen. If the partners request Seruni delivered to be a merchant product of the investors’ trade mark, we ask for the profit 20% per sales item sold. It is the first option. If the partners invest only and Seruni management runs the sales operation, we provide the net 20% sharing of  monthly profit and loss. It is the second option.


Please visit the website that we have compiled ourselves, to find out who, what and how we are the fragrant lemongrass farmers. Thank you advertisement admins who have agreed to this post.


50 Milliliters Packaged of Seruni Citronella Oil, $ 2.42

0.5 Liter Packaged Seruni Citronella Oil: $ 9.29

1.5 Liters Packaged Seruni Citronella Oil: $ 27.88

5 Kilos of Packaged Seruni Citronella Oil: $ 92.93



Best regards,

Sri Purwati







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